Testing facilities

Do you need to test your products at the excellent testing facilities of our partners without any further obligations?

The purpose of testing is twofold: optimizing of existing processes and determining the feasibility of new processes. Techema executes chemical and physical analyses of your samples.
Testing facilities for cleaning and distilling
For cleaning purposes of your installation, Renzmann (Monzingen, Germany) has a first-rate testing installation, in order to determine or optimise the most suitable solvent (or water based cleaning agent) for your production process. Based on the test results, the most suitable mix of mechanical and chemical cleaning will be determined. Another possibility is to research the closing of the solvent cycle in your production process.

Testing facilities for dispersion / fine milling

Both our partners Niemann en VMA Getzmann offer extended testing facilities in their laboratories for stirring, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing and fine grinding up to nanoscale. Techema can schedule a meeting for you, so that you can test the feasibility of your desired end product. 

Renting test machines

In order to keep your testing process confidential, it is possible to rent or lease a testing machine at your own site.
Renting batch production
If you are interested a unique batch process, Techema offers the possibility to hire a one-time-only production installation.

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