Pre-engineering Consultancy

Every industry has different demands regarding its production process. With great pleasure we share our knowledge of wet chemistry, to assist you in finding complete solutions for your technical matters.
Pre-engineering consultancy provides insight in potential obstacles, in order to solve them at an early stage. The goal of pre-engineering consultancy is a better investment management. Moreover, improved yields, higher efficiency regarding resources or energy use, as well as a better return on investment are important reasons to look for a pre-engineering advice.

Our pre-engineering consultancy can offer added value in case of:

Consultancy Plan

Techema’s pre-engineerings advice comprises the following steps:


The pre-engineering results in a solid report, existing of a P&ID and a budget plan. Furthermore, the report explains technical choices and gives a global time plan. Obviously, we don’t use standard blueprints: the entire pre-engineering is tailored to your specific situation and needs. Evidently, the same goes for the quotation phase.


If you are interested in pre-engineering advice, please contact us.

Full service and beyond

After finishing the pre-engineering advice, we can also offer you a quotation and detailed planning for supplying your installation. Since the budget, planning and implementation are already determined, the hardware quotation will not contain any surprises anymore. With Techema,  implementation, commissioning and follow-up are in good hands.